OysterFutures: the conclusion is consensus

Consensus, after 150 years of conflict — in just two years!

We are so grateful to the OysterFutures stakeholders for the hard work and valuable time that they spent developing their consensus recommendations available here. Our press release gives an overview of the OysterFutures research project and the stakeholders’ recommendations. Many, many thanks to all involved!

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OysterFutures in the news!

Many thanks to Tim Wheeler for writing such a wonderful article in the Bay Journal about the OysterFutures process! Check out his article here.

We also are grateful to Amy Lu of WBOC who produced a great segment called Industry Leaders Compromise for Oyster Futures available here.

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OysterFutures reaches consensus!

Excellent news: the OysterFutures stakeholders reached consensus! The stakeholders held their final meeting last weekend and successfully reached consensus on a package of recommendations to Maryland Department of Natural Resources. They will submit their recommendations to Secretary Mark Belton at the end of April, with public roll out in May. We will post the recommendations here as soon as they go public. We are so grateful for the outstanding work of the OysterFutures stakeholders, and so pleased and proud that we could support them. Thank you for your interest and kind words throughout the process! РOysterFutures team OF StakeholdersMarch24, 2OF Whole Group March 24 DSC07347

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Successful eighth workgroup meeting!

Thank you everyone who participated in the OysterFutures workgroup meeting this Sunday and helped make it such a success! We really appreciate your involvement in OysterFutures. We’re looking forward to our next and final meeting on March 23-24 at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science‚Äč Horn Point Lab. See you then!

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OysterFutures made the front page of the Star Democrat!

Many thanks to the Talbot County Council for their invitation to share with them about the OysterFutures goals and collaborative process during their meeting this past Tuesday. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our OysterFutures stakeholders throughout this process, and we are excited to see what management recommendations for the Choptank and Little Choptank they suggest as the project comes to a close this spring.

The full article has been made available by Harold-Mail Media. Click the link below to read!


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January workgroup meeting at Horn Point Lab

Despite the blizzard that plowed through the eastern shore, we had a full room of stakeholders on Saturday at the seventh OysterFutures workgroup meeting! Thank you everyone who was able to participate this weekend and help make the meeting such a success. We really appreciate your efforts to be involved in OysterFutures! Our next workgroup meeting will be on Sunday, February 4th. See you then!

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Sixth OysterFutures workgroup meeting

Thank you everyone for making it out on a chilly Veterans day weekend for the sixth OysterFutures workgroup meeting at Horn Point Lab! We look forward to seeing you again January 5-6 for the next meeting. Until then, stay warm!

For more information about OysterFutures, visit our Facebook page here.

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